It is coming on up to that time of the month when the Volunteers in Medicine of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, will be holding their monthly board meeting. As of this month, our board meetings are now open to the public. Anyone interested may attend. They are located at the Dearborn Adult Center in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We hold our meetings at 7:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

We are still looking for volunteers of both medical and non-medical backgrounds as well. You can sign up online. We are still looking to open our doors in Jan 2018 and will need a strong volunteer base to provide service with the Culture of Caring that we promise all of our patients. We are also accepting donations via Pay-Pal as well. Every little bit helps, and every dollar donated to a Volunteers in Medicine clinic gives a $13 return.

We are currently still filling out our committees and are always looking for great partnerships. Join us!