Part of running a nonprofit organization is fundraising. In an effort to provide security for community members that are interested in donating, VIMDOSC has decided to utilize PayPal for name recognition, security, and ease of integration. 

When you support the Dearborn Clinic, rest assured that your donation will be in safe, caring hands. As a nonprofit organization, we are meticulous in making every donation stretch to help as many people as possible. In fact, for every dollar donated to a Volunteers in Medicine clinic, there is a $13 return. Through donations from concerned and caring individuals like you, and philanthropic grants and programs, the Dearborn Clinic will be community-owned and supported, providing many benefits to its members:

  • VIM clinics provide the uninsured and their families with primary care services,
  • Hospitals benefit from a decrease in non-urgent care for patients visiting their emergency rooms and unnecessary admissions related to untreated chronic conditions,
  • Retired medical volunteers are able to continue what they were trained to do, care for people,
  • And Non-medical and community volunteers are able to support their neighbors in a nurturing, supportive environment

We hope you will join us in supporting your community through a monetary or property donation, or a volunteer services commitment, today.